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LM Gauge EKO

LM Gauge EKO

Lohia Mechatronik Capacitive Gauging System (LMG EKO) is a non-contact Thickness Measurement System for film and sheet having thickness up to 6 mm.

It is available in different widths and can also be customized as per special requirements.

LMG EKO is used for measuring the thickness of plastic film and sheet on the production lines. It accurately delivers cross web profile with high precision and in real time.

Product Specification:

Measuring system Capacitive/Eddy Current
Max. measuring thickness 3000 µm 6000 µm
Measuring speed 10 – 300 mm/s adjustable
Movement speed 10 – 500 mm/s adjustable
LM Gauge EKO

Product Features

Allows the film production process to be tightly controlled. This results in an enhanced film quality that is maintained during the entire production process. Optimizing film thickness profiles contributes to material savings.

In addition material waste during product changes is reduced.

Heavy engineered frame to maximize precision of measurement across a variety of mechanical loads and temperature gradients.

Accurate measurements without the environmental or regulatory concerns associated with nuclear gauges or x-ray gauges.

The measuring device is nearly maintenance free and provides a high degree of reliability and performance.

Calibration is only necessary once per material (recipe) and can be saved as per the recipe.



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