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Web Inspection – WIS1000

Detect and classify defects in foil and web produced materials

Web Inspection – WIS1000

Our WIS1000 – system detects and classifies low contrast defects in plastic, paper, film, foil, non-woven materials, and many other substrates. It provides a high speed, total quality solution for most web produced materials.

Highly customizable and flexible, it is available for a wide range of applications and configurations. From technical materials to sensitive medical applications, it takes defect detection to new levels.

For all Defect Types

The system detects defects of all types: gels, holes, bubbles, contaminants, stains, coating inconsistencies, streaks – up to 32 defect categories can be distinguished.

These defects are automatically classified by type and size. New defect catgories can be defined and learned by the system in an easy workflow.

Gel Defects

Gel defects can occur in extruded plastic film materials and are indicative of faulty XY.

Insect Defects

Insect defects can occur in paper & pulp applications.

Fiber Defects

Fiber defects can occur in plastic webs, paper & pulp applications.

Multiple Defects

The system distinguishes multiple defect types simultaneously at high speeds.

HMI & Software

Your visual interface and control center.

Ease of use, functionality and productivity are at the center of our HMI. The interface is modular and freely configurable to best suit your requirements.

Monitor defects in realtime, classify and analyse defect distribution trends, and obtain structured reports! An intuitive system that makes defects visible.

Controlled via a 24″ touch panel or Panel PC, the high-performance system runs on an intel i7 Quad Core CPU.

Realtime Display

For realtime control, several parameters can be monitored, including:

and many more!

Reports & Analysis

Shows you all defects of an entire roll, including important data like defect types, size, density.

and many more!

Defect definition

Easily define new defect categories – simple handling, fast machine learning and short training time for a fast and consequent defect classification.


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    Product Features

    Specialized electronics like power supply, sensors, amplifiers are engineered for precise measurement.

    X-ray tube can be switched off. No radioactive isotope emitters

    Heavy engineered frame to maximize precision of measurement across a variety of mechanical loads and temperature gradients.

    Because of simple calibration technique it is easy to calibrate across a variety of raw materials.


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