To use as much plastic as necessary.
Not a micron more. Not a micron less.

About Us

Fully dedicated to Extrusion Quality Control.

We are in the business of the measurement and control of the final film and sheet products in the plastic industry.

Our machines are used for:

  1. Enhancing product quality
  2. Reduction in startup wastage
  3. Faster product changeover

Through accurate thickness measurement and faster control of the extrusion process.

We came into existence in 2019 after the acquisition of the plastics division of SBI Production techn. Anlagen GmbH & Co KG, Austria SBI Mechatronik GmbH. SBI has its production and R&D facilities near Vienna, Austria. We are a team of engineers with experienced professionals working very closely with SBI Mechatronik to provide you with the very best of technology, pricing, and service.

Our Founder

Mr. Siddharth Lohia obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, USA in 2007. He joined his family business Lohia Corp Limited and worked in various engineering positions and eventually as the Chief Technical Officer. Since 2019 he is fully involved in the dual role as Managing Director of SBI Mechatronik GmbH and Chief Executive Officer of Lohia Mechatronik.

Our Vision:

To use as much plastic as necessary. Not a micron more. Not a micron less.

Our Method:

To chase the last micron.

Quality Production & Team

Production facilities and experienced engineering team based in Pune, India.


Our expertise
for your ROI

Our products serve a sole purpose: we work to increase extrusion quality and ultimately, your ROI.

Focus Areas

Thickness measuring devices

Inline thickness measuring devices for film and extrusion thickness control, using various measuring technologies for a wide range of applications.

Automatic systems for dies

We retrofit existing dies and can provide complete, automatic thickness control systems.

Web inspection systems

Make diminute production defects visible! Superior inline defect detection for plastic film and sheet extrusion. Technology by IVA Vision, Belgium.