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LM Gauge Laser Triangulation

LM Gauge Laser Triangulation

Lohia Mechatronik Laser Triangulation Gauging System (LMG LT) is a non-contact direct Thickness Measurement System for thick sheet and plate having thickness Up to 40 mm.

LMG LT provides absolute thickness measurement regardless of varying density.

It is available in different widths and can also be customized as per special requirements.

No Calibration Needed

No calibration with an external calibre is needed; the measurement is independent from other sheet properties.

Product Specification:

Technical DataLMG LT
Measuring system Laser triangulation/reflection
Max. measuring thickness 40 mm
Clear height 250 mm
Measuring speed 10 – 100 mm/s adjustable
Movement speed 10 – 200 mm/s adjustable


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