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LM Gauge X-Ray

LM Gauge X-Ray

Lohia Mechatronik X-Ray Gauging System (LMG X) is a Low-Energy X-Ray gauge.

It is ideally suited for thickness and basis weight measurements of light weight products such as stretch film, flexible packaging and nonwovens.

LMG X does not require NOC / licensing in most countries.

It is available in different widths and can also be customized as per special requirements.

Product Specification:

ParametersLMG X
Measuring Rate 1000 samples/second
Resolution 0.1 µm
Movement Speed 230 mm/s (adjustable)

Product Features

Specialized electronics like power supply, sensors, amplifiers are engineered for precise measurement.

X-ray tube can be switched off. No radioactive isotope emitters

Heavy engineered frame to maximize precision of measurement across a variety of mechanical loads and temperature gradients.

Because of simple calibration technique it is easy to calibrate across a variety of raw materials.


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