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LM Gauge Shadow

LM Gauge Shadow

Lohia Mechatronik Optical Gauging System (LMG S) is a non-contact direct Thickness Measurement System for film and sheet having thickness up to 3.5 mm.

It has been designed to realize a direct thickness measurement.

It is available in different widths and can also be customized as per special requirements.

No Calibration Needed

No calibration with an external calibre is needed; the measurement is independent from other sheet properties.

Product Specification:

ParametersLMG S
Measuring system Laser/eddy current
Max. measuring thickness 3.5 mm
Measuring speed 10 – 300 mm/s adjustable
Movement speed 10 – 500 mm/s adjustable

Product Features

This uses LED based arrangement using special electronics and photonics to measure the thickness. The optics in the receiver senses change in thickness of the film or sheet and gives accurate measurement to machine controller.

The measurement is not influenced by colour, transparency or material composition.

Compact, rugged design withstands environmental elements.

Heavy engineered frame to maximize precision of measurement across a variety of mechanical loads and temperature gradients.


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